Many Will Die...

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Many will die for the cause
Time to help them save their paws
Too much blood has been spilled
If we don't help them, who will?

They prey on the weak
Prey on the helpless
the time is now
To not be selfish

They need our help
They need it now
Do not delay
Do you know how?

Murdered without a care
Tested on ruthlessly
As long as its profitable
They'll put them through agony

Feed them poison
Caustic products on their skin
Anesthetics never used
They can feel, they're living things

Many animals die every year for their causes. Factory arms to Mass produce meat for fast food chains and other sources of high income. Animal testing to "help" decide if products are harmful to humans eventhough their products react differently to different species. We all need to put a stop to all the senseless destruction of these living creatures.

lyrics: Travis