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Justified Genocide
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Travis - guitars, vocals
Rob - bass
Stevo - drums

Recorded, mixed, mastered at Pitball Studios by Oliver Saul
Cover art by James Fickling
All songs by Freedom Assault except I Hate Music by the Pist & Paint by USA Waste


This most recent release from Tucson's Freedom Assault features seven tracks of straight up punk that come out roaring raw and ragged. Freedom Assault is clearly influenced by the purer form of old school punk and eschews any modern trappings, these songs are simply true to form and could have come out in the 80s. Political lyrics, short songs, and lots of sneering energy are the name of the game, and if you don't like it, this band could probably care less. This sense of punk attitude comes across very strongly in each track, especially on the standouts Ecocide and I Hate Music. To wrap it all up, Freedom Assault is also a very tight band and plays their songs well, they undoubtedly translate well to the live setting and get people moving around the room. It can be said, with much confidence, that Freedom Assault is one of the top champions of punk rock in Tucson.

I first discovered Freedom Assault around this time last year at the first annual inFEST Tucson punk fest. I had heard lots of things about them, but hadn't yet had the chance to see them. Well I'm glad that I finally did. Their live set blew me away! I was hooked... The screeching guitars, awesome bass playing and killer drum beats and the dual vocals. It was local punk rock at one of its finest moments.
Now here we are a year later with the brand new EP ECOCIDE. I have to say, this album is great! Again, local punk rock at its finest. There are 7 songs on the EP, and there isn't a bad one in the lot of them, and rest assured, the sound quality is at an all time high.
Recorded at Pit Ball Recording Studios, the sound quality is excellent! The band sounds good on their own already, especially with the new drummer, but the production value adds a lot more to the Freedom Assault sound. They still have the hard edged D.I.Y sound to them, its just refined now and you can hear ALL the instruments crystal clear. I've heard all of the bands other releases and although I liked them, one thing that bothered me was that you couldn't hear much other than vocals and guitars.
The songs themselves are political or religion orientated, but with out sounding whiny or pushy. Followed by fast guitars, amazing bass lines, kick ass drumming and vocals that are so hard edged, ECOCIDE is a great punk rock album. It's funny, I never heard the term Street Punk as a genre of music before I heard of these guys. I always just considered it punk rock. What ever the genre of music is called now, it's a good listen and will continue to be one for a while... Its really refreshing to hear bands like this still playing the more traditional style of punk instead of changing to the power violence or grindcore genres (which I totally love as well!). I think I've said this before, but hearing this style of Street punk takes me back, just like it did the first time I heard Freedom Assault and the first time I spun one of their earlier recordings.