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Rev. Travis Assault
current position: guitar, vocals
rhythm guitar(2011)

Rob Noxious
current position: bass

current position: Drums

Freedom Assault formed in April 2004 from the ashes of Anarchist Autonomous in Auburn, Maine. After much deliberation Travis Assault (guitar/occassional vocals), les drunk (vocals), Brand-o (bass), Aislynne (vocals), and Jeff (drums) became the first line up of Freedom Assault. This line up recorded a live demo of 8 songs with a video recorder cataloging some very early songs. Heavy influence from Blatz (but a bit more thrashy) defined our sound at the time. As we were setting to record a better demo, Brand-o left the band due to personal reasons. We still continued on and set up a our first show to play and recorded one demo track on a home recorder. We neared the time of the show, and both Jeff and Aislynne left the band due to artistic differences. Freedom Assault went on hiatus for a few months. After finding three new members: Lance Firestorm(drums), Punk Rock Joe(vocalist), and cops & Robbies(bass) we wrote a few new songs, and had a few practices but never got serious enough to record or play any shows with this line-up. Again we went on hiatus until May 2006. Brand-o returned to the band to play drums. We wrote a ton of new songs and recorded a demo in July 2006. We played a handful of shows without a bassist. In February 2007 we recorded at Baked Beans Studio in Harrison, Maine. These recordings were meant to be our first 7" record. Unfortunately Brand-o decided not to move to Tucson in the beginning of August 2007. We started writing new material and in March 2009 we found a drummer(Stza), bassist(Saint), and a second female vocalist(Joey). With a lack of practice, conflicting schedules and bad attitudes Joey and Stza left the band. While on hiatus Les and Travis had both moved onto to play in the short lived band Resisting Arrest. After Resisting Arrest broke up, Fernando helped lay down some drums for some demo tracks. Fernando was stoked on the new songs and wanted to try playing bass. With Fernando on bass, we found Rob to drum for us. In July/August 2010 we went in the studio again to record a 7" and a bunch of extra tracks. Shortly before the release of the 7" Fernando decided to leave the band due to disagreements in the band. Welcome to 1984 7" was released as well as Burn the Bastards! Ernesto filled in on bass for a couple shows to help promote the new record while we looked for a permanent member. Johnathan took over guitar duties and Travis moved to bass. After playing a few shows and writing new material, Fernando asked to rejoin the band on drums. Rob than moved to bass and Travis to rhythm guitar. Punk Rock Joe moved into town and helped write a song and appears occasionally at shows on vocals. Johnathan left the band after only a few shows. Due to commitment issues and no reliability, we were forced to let Fernando go as our drummer. Adam stepped up to play drums. After almost a year Adam was forced to leave due to work related interference. Mickey Sixx decided to step in but never rgot a chance to play. After many months of hiatus we found newest member Stevo to play drums. At this time les stepped down from vocals to focus on Roller Derby. Although she is officially done she steps in for the occasional song.

Former Members:
Aislynne Sambrook - Vocals(2004)(Many Will Die...)
Jeff Poliquin - drums(2004)(Many Will Die...)
Punk Rock Joe - vocals(2004)occasional live vocals(2011)
Lance Firestorm - drums(2004)
Cops & Robbies - bass(2004)
Stza - drums(2009)
Saint - bass(2009)
Joey - vocals(2009)
Ernesto - bass(2010)
Johnathan - guitar(2011)
Fernando - bass(2010) drums(2011)(Welcome to 1984, Burn the Bastards!)
Brand-o - bass(2004) drums(2006-2007)(S/t, Welcome to 1984, Burn the Bastards!)
Adam - Drums (2011-2012)
Mickey Sixx - Drums (2012)
les cunt - vocals (2004-2012)

List of songs we've covered:
"Hiroshima" DIRT
"Fuk Shit Up" Blatz
"Keep Rockin' in the Free World" Neil Young
"We'd Have a Riot Doing Heroin" the Queers
"Condemned By Convenience" Corporate Death Squad
"Descending Angel" the Misfits
"Bite it" GG Allin
"Live This Life" the Queers
"American Idiot" Green Day
"Bro Hymn" Pennywise
"New Aryans" Reagan Youth
"Political Asshole" Pansy Division
"Running From the Pigs With Paint on Our Hands" USA Waste