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Anarchist Autonomous was a band that formed in 2003. It started as a project with Travis and a drum machine. It later evolved into a full band. Eventually turning into Freedom Assault. The songs were simplistic yet fun. Although Freedom Assault was spawned AA never officially broke up. Feel free to download the songs this is a "best of" collection of AA. (Don't expect this to sound like Freedom Assault.)

Video Games

My Life

DIY or Die

Support Your Scene

the Tick

Cop Killer

Toxic Moxie


Die Bitch

Die When You Die

Jason Fucking Voorhees

Taco Bell

Full Band

AA live(3 tracks) (.zip)

live songs:
Legalize the Plant
March of the Drunk Punx
Smother Earth

PeacexUnityxBeer (PUB demo) (.zip)

Track listing:
1)Drunk Punx
2)Ode to Toad
3)Diluted Lifestyle
5)Fight For Peace
6)Legalize the Plant
7)Smother Earth (live demo)
8)Bite It
9)the Call(skit)

Resisting Arrest was a short lived band formed in Tucson, AZ. It had Travis and les in the same roles as in Freedom Assault as well as a lead guitarist. They played some Freedom Assault songs, songs written for Freedom Assault as well as some originals that have made it into the current Freedom Assault's set list. They recorded a few demos and one split release with SpeciesCease that contained the best versions of the previous demos.

Resist With Fists

Track Listing:
Resisting Arrest
1)Smile For the Camera
2)Highway 35
3)Skull Splitter
4)DIY Pride
6)Up All Night

7)Crumble To Dust (instrumental)
8)Blood Is Everywhere
9)I'm Failing
10)I Hate People
11)I Am Going To Have To Kill You
12)Road To Ruin
13)Crawling (instrumental)